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             Welcome                  Ironton, MO. 63650 573-218-8081 

 Attention Customers and Friends: I have sold all my sales gardens and introductions up to 2018 to a nice young couple from Farmington, Mo. Dreamland Daylilies LLC and Gardens, run by Jeremy and Crystal Herman. They will Have almost everything that you see on this website except my 2020 introductions. I will be selling those if interested. You can reach Dreamland Daylilies by email or by calling 1-573-883-0655. Jeremy also has a facebook page under the garden name. Thanks so much for your business. You can still contact me for my 2020 introductions and I will have more seedlings to sell later on. Thanks Again!!!!  Karen Sherrill

Arcadia Missouri Ironton Valley
Ironton, Missouri, Arcadia Valley, Daylilies of the Valley
Arcadia, Missouri, Ironton, Daylilies of the  Valley
Ironton, Arcadia, Missouri, Karen Sherrill, Daylilies of the Valley

I am so happy to announce my 2020 introductions! I have waited year to show you what I have chosen. All plants multiply well and are semi-evergreens. There is one diploid in the group "The Good Witch". I love the pattern it has. The other 9 are tets of all colors and shapes. "Samuel Jay Burgan" is in memory of my late Son-in-Law. Strong and bold. I hope that you like my collection this year and enjoy browsing through them. Don't forget to check out my previous intros located under home in the drop down menu. Thanks!

2020 Introductions by Karen Sherrill

Samuel Jay Burgan

Samuel Jay Burgan 5.5" bl., 24 " ht., tet., m., sev., 14 bc. Bright orange with burgundy eye and ruffled burgundy edge small water mark green throat. Strikingly Dramatic x Heather Grace $100.00 df

The Good Witch

The Good Witch 6" bl., 26" ht., dip., m., sev., 12 bc Sugar plum with large lighter watermark midribs pierce the watermark green throat. Cosmic Kaleidoscope x unknown $75.00 df

Arcadia Valley Moonshine

Arcadia Valley Moonshine 6" bl., 21" ht., tet., em., sev., 3 br., 12 bc. Golden orange with light midribs darker ruffled edge slightly sculpted throat. Spacecoast Gwen Denny x Aqua Fresca $75.00 df

Tales of Dark Hollow

Tales of Dark Hollow 6" bl., 37" ht., tet., m., sev., 3 br., 20 bc Plun with lighter watermark triple edge of dark purple light purple and white ruffles green throat. Spacecoast Gwen Denny x Blissful Blackberry Pie $100.00 df

California Wildfires

California Wildfires 6" bl., 22" ht., tet., em., sev., fr., 12 bc. Orange with etched red eye and matching red ruffled edge white picotee and midribs slightly pinched yellow throat. Sweet Summer Heat x Sabine Baur $100.00 df

God's Miracles

God's Miracles 6" bl., 27" ht., tet., em., sev., 3 br., 18 bc. Dusty salmon with burgundy eye and matching ruffled edge white picotee and green throat. Woman at the Well x God Save the Queen 100.00 df

Love's Soft Whisper

Love's Soft Whisper 5" bl., 22" ht., tet., m., re., 3 br., 14 bc., Pink with darker veining etched pink band double edge of darker pinks with white jagged picotee green throat. God Save the Queen x Healing Rain $75.00 df

Halloween's Wild Child

Halloween's Wild Child 5.5" bl 22" ht., tet., m., sev., 14 bc. Light orange with red band red veining double red edge and white picotee green throat. Halloween Trick x Wild Child $75.00 df

Ship of Dreams

Ship Of Dreams 6" bl., 18" ht., tet., m., sev., 3br., 16 bc. Lavender with blue eye etched in raspberry triple edge in raspberry blue and white green throat. Violet Tranquility x Linda Sierra. 100.00 df

Magic and Midnight Lace

Magic and Midnight Lace Here it is with the extra ruffles in the center.

Magic and Midnight Lace

Magic and Midnight Lace 5.5" bl., 20" ht., tet., em., sev., continuous re. 12 bc Pale yellow with purple eye zone wide ruffled purple edge sometimes petals from extra ruffles in center green throat. Keep on Looking x unknown $100.00 df

2018 Introduction  

I am happy that I was able to have 8 new introductions this year. The first one I have been watching for a few years now. Young Hearts is a nice clear red with a nice toothy edge. My sister picked the next one for her name sake and it is a beauty, Brenda Sue Propst. The next one reminds me of a dragonfly so I knew I had to name it Dragonfly on the Pond. I love the big green pinched throat. I named the next Nate The Great after my Grandson Nate. It has his strong character.  This is one of my favorites this year, Blue Highway Someday. I fell in love with it's nice blue bands. It's named after my sweet Brother in Law that went to Heaven a few years back. Lighter Shade of Pale is so beautiful and delicate. When you see Pinky Swear, you won't believe the beautiful sparkling edge it has! When I saw Tangerine Raspberry Smoothie I couldn't believe how well it preformed. This flower re-blooms constantly all summer. There you have it, my 2018 collection. Just Click on each picture to see it's name and description. THANKS!!

Young Hearts

Young Hearts 5.5" bloom, 30" ht., tet., Ev., mid to late bloom time, 4 br., 23 bc Red with gold toothy to ruffled edge, yellow to green throat. 75.00 df

Brenda Sue Propst

Brenda Sue Propst 5" bl., 28" ht., tet., mid to late bloom time, sev., 2 br., 14 bc Pale salmon with red halo and matching ruffled edge, yellow picotee, green throat 75.00 df

Dragonfly on the Pond

Dragonfly on the Pond 8" bl., 26" ht., tet., dor., re., mid late bloom time, frag., 2 br., 12 bc Dark mauve with multi colored bands of violet, purple and blue, green pinched throat spilling onto the sepals 75.00 df

Lighter Shade of Pale

Lighter Shade of Pale 5.5" bl., 20" ht., tet., mid to late bloom time, sev., 3 br. 15 bc Pale pink with yellow toothy edge and pink picotee, dark pink triangular band, green throat 75.00 df

Nate the Great

Nate The Great 6" bl., 28" ht., tet., sev., re., mid to late bloom time, 2 br. 12 bc Rosy red with a red halo and edge, yellow picotee, green throat 75.00 df

Blue Highway Someday

Blue Highway Someday 6" bl., 26" ht., tet., sev., mid to late bloom time, fra., re., 3 br., 15 bc. Light mauve with multicolored eye of raspberry, purple and blue, double edge of raspberry and purple with yellow picotee, yellow to green throat 75.00 df

Tangerine Raspbery Smoothie

Tangerine Raspberry Smoothie 7" bl., 27" ht., tet., sev. re., late bloom time., 3 br., 16 bc. Light tangerine with a lighter midrib breaking the raspberry eye, a deep golden throat 50.00 df

Pinky Sware

Pinky Swear 6" bl., 27" ht., dip., sev., ear;y to mid bloom time, re., fra.,2 br., 12 bc Strawberry pink with darker veining, ruffled petals edged in glitter, small halo around a yellow to green throat 50.00 df

Ironton Missouri Arcadia Valley
Our Horses, Winter 2013
  at Daylilies of the Valley



Arcadia Missouri Ironton Valley
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